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About Claitor’s Law Publishing  Regulatory and Legal Publications

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Claitor’s Law Publishing delivers Print and Digital Publications. Our Library provides access to Regulatory Management Solutions in the areas of  U.S. Law, and U.S. Regulatory Compliance.

Receive Prompt Delivery of Individual Publications in Print and PDF Formats.  We serve Customers Worldwide with  environmental, health, labor, safety. trade, transportation and more regulatory compliance solutions.

Claitor’s Law Publishing provides practical solutions help customers successfully navigate the demands of a changing regulatory environment to drive their daily activities, enhance decision quality and inspire confident outcomes.

Serving customers worldwide, its legal and regulatory solutions portfolio includes:

products by:

  • The U.S. Government Printing Office
  • The U.S. Coast Guard
  • The NOAA
  • The Office of The FEDERAL REGISTER
  • Aspen Publishers
  • CCH Incorporated
  • Kluwer Law International
  • West Academic Publishing

Connected CFR Books

Our Connected CFR Books provide a complete solution to the problem of managing Regulatory Updates to the Printed CFR Editions. Access the CFR Print Editions at CFR books.com at no additional cost.  Purchase the Digital CFR e-Books with eCFR updates attached to the Official CFR Digital Editions or Order Complete eCFR volumes on Demand (Current to Date) for as little as 5.00 each.